I love this blog and the ideas in it. Clock pieces can be purchased from bigger craft stores. I am going to have to come up with a design of my own – I need a clock!

The value of a simple page that is journalled.

I did a presentation last night and one of the customers showed us and talked about a page she had made for her children’s baby photos. Her first child was very premature so she does not have those gorgeous birth photos we all try to capture on the arrival of our full term bundle of joy. She even shared that people had asked ‘why’ she had kept photos like that. Her answer is simply because that is how it was. She explained her approach to putting the photos on show in an album was to make them beautiful with the journalling.

The page she had made had the ‘ugly’ shots – a first photo of each child. Both are precious to her because her babies were alive and made it through being premature. For that she is grateful. This page includes a verse she has written journalling how she felt at the time. When the children grow and look over their albums they will feel special and precious, just as she felt about them. The fact there is no *oooh gorgeous baby* kind of photo is replaced by words of the heart from mum. This page gives the reader insight into the power of love of mother to child, regardless of the birth circumstances. There is nothing exciting in the photo or the layout. It is the power of the journalling that makes this page priceless. I was so pleased to see how creating the page had empowered her to feel pride in her children and share that with them when they are old enough to read it.

How about you? Do you have photos that illustrate the fearful or traumatic times of your life that with the right words in a journal box can make the page more special than a page of gorgeous photos? Please comment and share!

Scrapbooking History – Look How Far We’ve Come

Scrapbooking History – Look How Far We’ve Come.

This explores our fascination with scrapbooking and while near the end the article refers to data from 2004 in the USA everything else in it is still applicable today as to why we scrapbook. There are lots of reasons and i will discuss what they are today as I work through the Creative Memories story and belief statements.

I have finally embarked on another project

Hello and welcome to my first Blog post!

It has been a while since I have posted on WordPress and things have changed a little but not so much I could not find my way around the Dashboard 🙂

So what is my purpose here and who are my audience? Why would you follow my posts and what can you expect?

I am a teacher and in this blog my focus is very much on my journey with Storybook Creator and Memory Manager by Creative Memories. The purpose is to support my digital customers but anyone, including my fellow consultants may well find what is posted here useful. There will be quick tips, stories, page shares, technique explanations, advice, and the opportunity to ask questions. I won’t necessarily answer everyone’s questions right away as my customers will get priority and of course I may do what many bloggers do and slip off the rails every now and then!

I will explore with you my experiences with Storybook Creator and Memory Manager as I work through my projects. I have no set plan or program for the order of ideas or levels of complexity being presented. use the tag cloud for easy access to what you are looking for.

Most of my daily activity is on Facebook so following and subscribing to my Facebook page or my Pinterest boards will keep you focussed on what is inspiring me.

I will (hopefully within the rules of Creative Memories) share with you our latest products and inspiration for orgainsing, storing, sorting, sharing, preserving and creating with your photos. While most of what will be written is about the digital experience there is sure to be some hybrid notes as well. (Hybrid includes the crossover of digital and traditional scrapbooking and paper crafts)

I love this business and will show you why. I want to share with you that opportunity too so if you are even just toying with the idea if working from home, being your own boss, saving money on your scrapbooking (digital OR traditional), making new friends  having fun while you work, and feeling great about yourself please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask the questions you have.

All constructive feedback is welcome. I won’t tolerate the nasties and the spammers. I am sure you will understand. Let’s get on with it. I hope you enjoy my work here. be sure to give me feedback so I am encouraged to keep going!