About Jenny

Taken at my parent’s Golden Wedding Anniversary

I am a proud Close To My Heart Independent Consultant in Mildura supporting the people of Sunraysia, Riverland, Mallee and Murray Darling Basin regions with solutions for their photos.

I can help you sort, store, save, backup, preserve and display photos. I can teach you how to create beautiful  traditional scrapbook pages you will be proud to share with friends and family. You can learn how to use our online Studio J  software for pages to print and share. I encourage you to not only save the photos but tell the stories that go with them. Imagine being empowered by the priceless value of your story and sharing it with family and friends.

My faith in the value of being creative is unwaning. It is not only good for self confidence it is also good for the soul and essential to our well being. to sit and play with paper is not just child’s play. To make lovely heartfelt cards or record timeless memories of our happy days is good soul food. You can soothe your soul stamping My Acrylix stamp sets and exclusive inks and pigments, journal your life in My Crush book or if you scrap in a hurry grab some pocket cards and go for it.

We are going to have so much fun and it will be my sincerest pleasure to debunk that voice in your head that says you are not creative! You do not need to be conviced you are – once you join in on a gathering , a workshop, a club event or embark on a project with my help everyone else will see you as creative and clever! CTMH makes all that very easy for us – would you like to join me and become one of the team too? Drop me a line nenifoofer@gmail.com

I am a leader and shareaholic. I need to share this opportunity with everyone and invite you to join me in my journey and share the fun of creative photo display and journalling with everyone you meet. Follow my blog, like my facebook page, join me on pinterest or hook up to my You Tube Channel.…so much to share if you cannot get to me in person I can certainly help you online.

Basic Bio? Oh for that you will need to watch and read my blog posts 🙂 In a nutshell I am empty nested, have two lovely daughters and one grandson. I am a teacher wanting to retire so I can teach older people who want to play nicely! I also care for my elderly and not so mobile parents. Always the student I am now learning to care for my elderly parents and myself.

Welcome along – enjoy the ride!

2 thoughts on “About Jenny

  1. Thanks for following my blog! I’m 57 next week, and I don’t think that’s quite old enough for wearing purple with a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me. I have seen groups of ‘older’ women out and about in red and purple, and they seemed to be having a great time! I don’t exactly scrapbook, but I’ll be dropping by your blog every now and then anyway -I might learn some new tricks.


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