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Welcome to the 2014 Everything ABC’s Blog Hop!

For this hop we will be featuring the letter B. This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their A element will be featured in their post. If you have just hopped onto my blog, please start at the beginning at at Linda’s blog ~ Scrappy Therapy

If you came from Wendy Kessler’s Blog then you’re on the right track!

B is for BOX! 

Welcome the letter B on the Everything ABC’s Blog Hop. I hope you enjoy the journey and wow the lineup is awesome now holidays are over and we are into abrand new range of product! Here in Australia we have lots of first time products!

I gave a lot of thought to B. Nothing came to be in my mind until I got my first order of all the new product. In the new Ideas book I spotted the My Creations Journalling Card Box z1953 and thought that looks interesting – I will grab one. Well….it is an awesome companion for the new Picture My Life program collections on page 66-69 of the new Ideas book. I ordered the Skylark one. I also had to try out the textiles! (Page 83) Skylark is Z1970. I already had the Jute ribbon but to date had not opened the packet. So an idea formed and my ‘B’ project was born! (PS Your idea books may be available from your consultant now – the electronic one will be live Feb 1)

Skylark Journalling Cards Box

Skylark Journalling Cards Box

In order to make this box I needed the box, the textile pack, the Jute ribbon, and the compliments all in the coordinating set of skylark. I also needed Mod Podge, my favourite brush and a water basin along with some paper towel.

The How

First I secured the inside step in the box by painting a little mod podge on it and holding it until tacky enough to leave.

Secure the insert

Secure the insert


Next I cut about  81/2  inches x 9 1/2 inches of the green print fabric. Making a 1/4 inch fold and matching the seam on the box at the back where lid joins base I adhered the fabric to the lower section of the back. The fold gives a neat finish. To do this I painted the back liberally with mod podge, applied the fabric, then added more mod podge on top. I did this for two reasons – one it make the fabric REALLY stuck on, but also acts as a sealer making my box durable and easy to wipe clean if I get it grubby for some reason. (Chocolate does get everywhere doesn’t it?) Each of these images can be viewed larger size by clicking on them.


Be liberal with the mod podge – line the fabric up at the crease.


work your way over the bottom and up the front


if you need to let a section dry before moving on do so – it doesn’t take long and you will appreciate not getting super sticky fingers. A damp cloth is all you need to keep your hands free from tackiness.


I did the sides after the back through front sections were dry. I folded the outermost edge to create a nice seam.


In between each section my brush rested in water. Have a wad of paper towel handy to blot off excess water before loading with more mod podge at each step.

Once the bottom half was dry I guestimated a piece of the striped fabric to fit the lid. This time I started by adhering inside the lid at the front and working over to the back, again making a nice seam at the fold to match the first one.


Start inside the lid and work your way around.


I used a craft knife to trim away the excess on the bottom when it was well and truly dry.

Once all the fabric is on and dried it is time to decorate; I tore a 2 inch strip of the blue fabric, folded it in half and made a bow with it. The raw edges matches the old worldy look and the natural look of the jute. It worked really well to cover the join in the jute. Sticking it down with a big splodge of Mod podge worked. I also used mod podge to adhere the dimensional compliments. 


splodge away!

A little more decoration on the lid and I was done

Skylark Journaling cards box

Skylark Journaling cards box

This really was a quick and easy project and now I have an awesome box for all these journal cards!


I reckon it really has been



How awesome are these Picture My Life cards! More on these further down the track as I get my PML project under way! More Skylark too as I can’t wait to do the WOTG kit!

So there you have your B project! I hope you have enjoyed it. Please, if you have a question as away. I had a ball putting some of my old painting skills to use and am happy to help if I can.

Be sure to talk to your consultant today about this awesome new product range!

If you are local (Mildura) be sure to follow me or grab my newsletter for information about doing this project as a workshop.


All supplies are available for ordering direct from my online store. Click Here to browse.

My Creations Journalling card box z1953

Jute Ribbon z1867

Skylark Textiles z1970

Skylark PML Program z1947

Skylark Complements x7177c

Triangle Studs z1928

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