Cyber Monday Special!

Cyber Monday is pretty new to me – but very popular and anticipated by online shoppers – so here we go.  CTMH have something for you on Cyber Monday!!

NB Aussie Readers Only!

cyber monday

Have you been wanting to purchase one of our four amazing Cricut collections?  Have you been dropping big hints to your family that such a collection would look good under your tree? Nudge Nudge Wink Wink 🙂  Need help with the hints? How about a 20% discount all through Monday December 1 Cyber Monday?

CTMH is participating in #cybermonday for the first time ever with 20% off all of the Cricut Collections. Choose from Art Philosophy, Artiste, Artbooking or the recently released Artfully Sent. Share a link – below – to the collection of your choice with your selected loved one (who has ultimate command of your wishlist)  by clicking an image below. This will take you right to my store to pop it into your cart.

Would you like more?…OK!

Anyone ordering their Cricut Collection online will be in the draw for host rewards! Min $30 to spend, but it could be a lot more!

cricut-artbooking-page (1)

Add a lift to your scrapbooking with Artbooking




Fun dimensional possibilities with Artiste


Make Pretty things! Save 20% #cybermonday


Art Philosophy contains many must have shapes and card bases. 700 images means super value in this cartridge!



Artfully Sent is loaded with many different types of cards and tons of fun elements you can use.

14-ai-cricut-opener (1)


Each collection comes with 3 exclusive stamps sets and more! Featuring Loads of images and card options these are must have cartridges for Cricut lovers. So head on over to my online store and get yours sent right to your door! Alternatively email me and I will handle the ordering for you.

Remember, here is the deal – 20% off Cricut collections, Cyber Monday, 0000 hours to 2400  Monday December 1 ONLY!

Enjoy your shoppping! If you woud like some help to decide which cartridge to get or what else to put in that parcel give me a call!



Everything ABC’s Letter X is for (e)Xciting Xcaret

abc bloghop

Hi and welcome to the Everything ABC Blog hop. We are almost there for this year!

For this hop we will be featuring the letter X. This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their # element will be featured in their post. If you have just hopped onto my blog, please start at the beginning at Linda’s blog ~ Scrappy Therapy  If you came from Lauren Moore – CTMH Craftings then you’re on the right track!


X is so hard! I could do xoxo but I do not want to promote what is coming yet with Seasonal Expressions. I am thinking of lots of words, and keep coming back to eXcitement. What are you most excited about with CTMh right now? For me it is Studio J. I am really focussing on now because those of us who are consultant know what is coming and that is exciting too….but for now…focus –

XCARET in Studio J

Having travelled to Mexico and visited a number of places that have names that start with the letter X I could EASILY come up with a page layout for X. The problem is which to choose – Xcaraet, the awesome all in one ‘theme park’ presentation of Mexican culture and History near Cancun, the lovely Xalapa and my visit to family I had 35 years ago, my trip to Xochimilco, a launching place for the canal system that leads on to rose and flower gardens, a bright colourful cheery place to be….I have lots of photos to scrap (over 3000) from this trip….so it is sensible to use Studio J while it is super xtra special economial and even more exciting because of  #ctmhlucky5 ways to win.

Studio J is so easy to use, you can check my post about it here.. I also have a page on Studio J. I did 5 double page layouts within 2 hours – not something I can achieve with paper scrapbooking. I was able to find just the right paper for each set of photos, which is fab since I am not a hoarder and do not have just the right paper for each occasion in my stash.


I have used the new Seaside collection for my opening page. I exchanged the preset buttons for shells from the Stickease collection.

In the page below I comment about not being able to do a decent selfie – I must practice that!


To have that scroll go across both pages I have added it twice – once to each page so in an album will flow across the binding. Loved this very pretty paper too!


This bold colour here matched the bright colour of the performers. I love that I can zoom in for a close on a photo that wasn’t a close up – such as the bottom right. Just zoom in and move to one side or the other. I used the title tool here too!


Cool water fall, tranquil jungle, massage. Chocolate Body Scrub….No need to say more. This paper collection was perfect for my moment of tropical bliss.


This is the love my layout paper and I LOVE IT! This evening was awesome and the paper had the textures that reflected the texture of the arena or stadium we went into for the show.

When you cost out a scrapbook page (don’t – it is scary!) right now, Studio J is super economical. I can’t wait for these pages to come in and hope they may contain one of those golden tickets!

CTMH Products used – Studio J – It costs you nothing to login and have a go yourself! Don’t forget to share the love by sharing your work with #ctmhlucky5 and use the same tag to search what others are making with Studio J on Instagram, Facebok and even Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by on this hop – please leave me a comment before you go!


The Creative Heart

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In case you get lost along the way…go to Scrappy Therapy


Studio5 is just Five! #ctmhlucky5

Hello everyone, I have been promoting and helping people use Studio J because of the #ctmhlucky5 promotion, but not everyone can make it in person to my studio for a free lesson. I wonder if this is you?

Thank goodness we live in a digital world! I made a video last night that will walk you through getting started for both an express collection page and a kit mix page.You can view this video now, or use it once you are ready to make a start. See more tips and links below!

Here are some pages I have made. I love that we have an enormous range of coordinating pre-designed papers in Studio J. You really can find just the right colours for your photos! (you can change the colour if it is not quite right too!)


Using simple drag and drop a colourful layout is created in minutes!

new_mexio_-_10 new_mexio_-_3


Get Fancy and do your own thing and submit it to Close To My Heart using the lucky 5 competition tag #ctmhlucky5 on Facebook and Instagram. Choose your kit, select no limits, fill the wells with your background paper and start building your pages!  I explain a little about how I achieved this page in the caption below.


For this page I started with Yuletide Carol and a No Limits layout. I rotated the papers to have the roses meet in the centre and built the layout around this. the whole layout is all about the rose and roses in this region!

Top 10 tips 

  1. Spend some time editing and ‘fixing’ photos before you upload them so your Studio J experience is ‘express’ as much as possible.
  2. Decide which photos you would like to work with. in Studio J – put them in an easy to find folder on your computer. You can remove them once you are done (or move them to your long term storage place)
  3. Upload around 20 at a time. More will slow everything down too much. The maximum number of photos you can use for a single project is 150. Be prepared to start a whole new project if you need more pages.
  4. Be prepared to go and get a coffee or pat your dog or cat in the initial minutes of using Studio J. I can seem to be very slow. (I do not do slow!) Once the loading of photos, papers and layouts is done your computer has temporary files that call them up more quickly next time. So it does get faster!
  5. Once you get started relax and enjoy working with the set layouts first. Once you are comfortable with the layout of the program and feel you know where everything is you can start to make some variations.
  6. Use studio J for full size prints! Or use a No Limits layout and start from scratch with papers as in my roses example above. If you are a photoshopper, or use another digital scrapbooking program,  you can create some amazing artwork and upload it to the no limits option in Studio J and have your awesome design printed! Right now this photo quality printing only costs you $5 per double page. You can’t beat that price even at its normal price!
  7. Use studio J for mini album printing and odd size photos! There is in the express collection a series of layouts with pages filled with wells for you – 2×2, 3×3 4×4 6×4 and 6×8 are provided. You also have a no limits option in the kits section. You can change these photo wells to whatever size you like and add more of your own using the add photo well function. Do a 5 x 3 photo if you like or as I have in the example below  6 x 12 photos which look just awesome on a hand made page.
  8. Use your laptop and Studio J anywhere! Your only limit is the speed of the internet. A good high speed connection is always recommended. Note – ipads and tablets currently can’t access Studio J. Is there and app? Maybe it is coming….
  9. Interweave your digital layouts with your paper scrapbooking. You can even use some of the buttons, metals or stickease on spare space in a photo print page and use them to embellish a hand made page later.
  10. Share and follow #ctmhlucky5  When you order prints you get your digital files free. 2 of these are downloaded. One is full size, the other web size. Use the web size to share socially on facebook, pinterest, twitter and instagram. Don’t forget to share with the #ctmhlucky5 hashtag if you wish to be a CTMH lucky winner!
Here is an example of photos I have chosen to print for a mini album. The sizes have been set by the album we made at convention. I have of course added some extras I needed to print to fill spaces too. All you need is a bunch of sticky notes so you know what you have printed for where!

Here is an example of photos I have chosen to print for a mini album. The sizes have been set by the album we made at the inaugral CTMH Australasia Convention. I have of course added some extras I needed to print to fill spaces elsewhere too. All you need is a bunch of sticky notes so you know what you have printed for where! I could have popped some stickease from the last used kit in the white space but I was happy with the value I am getting at $2.50 per page!

Have fun! Good luck and be sure to give us a shout out if you happen to be a golden ticket winner! Remember #ctmhlucky5 !!!

lucky 5 ticket




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Everything ABC’s Blog Hop Wildwood and Wanderful!

Welcome to the Everything ABC’s Blog Hop!

abc bloghop

For this hop we will be featuring the letter W. This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their # element will be featured in their post. If you have just hopped onto my blog, please start at the beginning at Linda’s blog ~ Scrappy Therapy  If you came from there  then you’re on the right track!


Welcome to Wildwood and Wanderful!

I will be honest I was almost as indecisive about which of the two products I am currently using to feature for W as I was about pushing the ‘buy now’ on my air tickets that would whisk me off on my fab seven week trip of a life time to Mexico and Disneyland USA for the CTMH Convention!

Would I share with you Wanderful PML Pages and cards, or would I share my Wildwood Z2001 My Crush Book  Journal – a journal that is much more lovely when you open it than it looks in our Idea book?




The Wildwood My Crush Book has journal prompts, fabulous textures, loads of distressed pages and more. I loved it as soon as I saw the title page which I am sharing with you here, and I urge you to check out more than just the pages shown in the Idea Book. I decided to use the blank back of the cover for a few Wanderful PML cards to offer some of the back story to my trip. The card ‘just GO’ says it all! The title page ‘And so it starts….” is a sound beginning to this little story.




My first double page is about the decision to go and a little reflection about a regular day on the street in Mexico City. I used Wanderful cards for the journalling and of course in these kinds of journals we are supposed to break the rules….so while one page has a matted photo (Tres traditional)  the other has this rather odd angled one. I also used the Black Arrow Washi tape and will probably use this throughout as the Arrows are a feature of the Wanderful Paper and PML cards.


My album is well underway, but I am still in week one! I love to journal and make sure every key thought, idea and reflection is captured too. I also have to remind myself ‘not every photo needs to be scrapped’. But journaling is different. I have it everywhere! My students and my team will agree I do not think we are done as scrapbookers unless we are journalling too. Let’s face it, I do not expect to be around forever to tell my grandchildren who everyone is in the photos, and what we were doing, thinking and celebrating.So…let’s make journalling FUN!! and SUPER EASY!

CTMH have the solution for us with the Picture My Life Product Range bringing Journalling cards in products like Wanderful PML. Almost every card in this set lends itself to story telling, making it a very different set to say Chantilly or Pear and Partridge which have a few more decorative elements and lend themselves more readily to card making too.


So, let’s move on to my scrapbook page. I really did not quite know how to scrap these photos. The photos are from different times of the day, all of the same place, the Zocalo (City Square). Red was the predominant colour. I just loved the Wanderful PML card that said ‘This is what the world looks like‘ as I landed in Mexico City right in the middle of a Cultural festival. The Zocalo was a tent city, each tent representing countries around the world, including Australia. So It really was an ‘around the world’ in a day experience and even included a UK red Double Decker Bus!.


The cards I chosen have a sentiment that reflects how I felt, just wanting to ‘roam’ as I did on this day. They gave me the way to not put every photo on the page (yes that is a flip flap stack right there with 5 photos)  – just a representation of the day. This was easy peasy journalling and made a difficult to coordinate page an easy scrapbook layout! I still think it needs a bit more but I am armed with arrow washi tape and believe that will do the trick.


The stamped embellishments are from the Wanderful Workshop on the Go Stamp Set and Here we Go D1600. I used the same colours that are in the Wanderful PML Cards – Cranberry, Flaxen and Black. I am totally in love with the mini notebook stamp and it features already on many pages in this album.

BTW The pockets in the album are the strap hinge ones as I am stash scrapping as I complete these pages and they do a fab job to fill albums I already had on hand. I am loving CTMH Memory Protectors and their durable quality!

D1600Here We Go


Wanderful PML

Oh I Almost forgot!!! Up until now these collections came with a title page and plastic pockets. Talk to your consultant about the A La Carte version of PML – no title or pocket pages. That way using them like this does not leave you with 10 empty pocket pages! For Australian Consumers the A La Carte code is for Wanderful is Z3063

You can purchase the products used in the layout and My Crush book online at my store. Be sure to join my November Online Gathering to be in the draw for host rewards.

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In case you get lost along the way…go to Scrappy Therapy


November Stamp of the Month Blog Hop S1411 It’s The Little Things

sotm blog hop


It’s The Little Things

Hello and welcome aboard our Stamp of the month Australasian Close to My Heart Blog Hop. If you have arrived here from Lauren Moore – CTMH Craftings  then you are in the right place. If you landed here by accident, no problem, please join in by following the link at the end of this post. 

I Love SPRING, and flowers! Don’t you? I can see these lovely flowers adorning gifts of all sorts as well as Spring Racing Carnival Pages if you are lucky enough to be heading off to a Melbourne Cup celebration. Here is a nice relaxing project I have made with this stamp of the Month. I hope you enjoy it.


Two little gifts which feature November Stamp of the Month S1411 It’s The Little Things available exclusively throughout November for $27 or for just $5 when you spend $75. One is a Slate Designer Creations Bag Z2053, the other is the Slate Designer Crreations Paper Bag Z2036

We all have a scrap bin right? With LITTLE THINGS …little bits of paper in it! This stamp set is perfect for using up some of those scraps! You can stamp tone on tone, stamp colour on white, Rock n Roll, do overstamping, grab your spray pens Z1380 and reinkers and try a little over spraying, or even get out your Watercolour pencils 3505!

Let the little girl who loved to colour in come out to play here!


In this shot I show you some of the stages I went through to create my two projects. I started by simply stamping up pieces and colouring some. I then fussy cut them out so I ended up with a pile of cut flowers and foliage.

I did do a lot of spraying on my leaves to get texture. I sprayed in green with a little of that pearl paint we no longer have (but want back) and some darker olive green – or was that black? (Our black reinker has a green base so I often use that) I hope you can see this helped add some texture to the foliage pieces.


If you follow my blog, or come to my classes you will know about the dress rehearsal step. I played with those flowers and nothing seemed to work for me until I supported them with simple white cardstock. Then like magic the two gift wrappings came together.



Here is what I did.

  • I used card measuring 3 x 3 1/4.
  • I stamped the sentiment Just for you top on one and bottom on the other just so you can see you can very this too.
  • I have a band of Silver Shimmer Trim supporting this.
  • Next layer the flowers out until the arrangement is appealing.
  • Take a photo of it! . (I love that we can do this in the modern world!)
  • Slide all the pieces off and start adhering them using the photo as a guide. You won’t have to remember where they went! Some are adhered flat with EZ dots adhesive. Some are mounted with 3D Foam Tape.
  • Bling it up – pop in some Thistle striped ribbon, coloured Bitty sparkles (Use our Shin Han Twin Touch markers) and some other bling gems.



Fill your little goodie bags with your gift – My Slate Paper Bag contains a handful of Mentos. The Slate Button Bag has a lovely Bath Bomb. (I had to include it in the photo because it is like the flowers I had been stamping!)

Close To My Heart Products used in these projects

s1411 It’s The Little Things

November Stamp of the Month S1411 It’s The Little Things available exclusively throughout November for $27 or for just $5 when you spend $75. with your CTMH consultant. I’d love you to leave a comment before heading off to the next stop,  Sue’s Blog, Patricia Manhire – Patricia Manhire’s Creative Corner