Mexico city brings the world to people!

20140525_173456 20140525_173507 20140525_173734Today I went out to see what the city had in store for me. I discovered they are in the middle of a three week long International Festival. . The world is here including Australia. The Aussies are dishing up crocodile nuggets and lamb pies. I asked where the beer was. They don’t have any. Meanwile I grabbed a nice French Merlot to sit back wth tonight. I have loads of photos both on my tabet and camera. Will see what I can share here.

I took a stroll down the main mall in the company of an American.  I lost her when she was taking a  block walk to her bank. All the internationals are here.Maccas KFC Starbucks Subway…. 7/11 will be my saviour if  I wake early again tomorrow.Hotel breakkie is 8 till 10. They didn’t tell me 8.30 on Sunday! And the coffee was the last thing brought out. It was brewed in a special pot uderr pressure.  I have ever seen anything like it. To top it off it would not pour so the waiter opened it up and dished it out by he mug full soup style. I was not the only patron waiting on that coffee! So, in my travels today I discovered7/11 right next door. They have coffee and never close:) Awesome!

I did what I  could to enjoy the expo but it was super crowded. Sometimes Rex (my walker) got me through a crowd, sometimes not. The pavement in he square is in appalling condition.  Rex needed 4×4 at times:) However there are signs around and building in progress with new pavement. If I come again it will all be fixed.


I tasted some chilli but it was the hottest of one f the Latin American Countries!  Not quite ready for That!  I was entertained by Japanese schoolchildren in a drum performance, ripped off when paying to get to a toilet. (But is was clean and had disability cubicle) . I made my way into the magnificent cathedral just in time for one of the mass services and lit a candle for a friend recently passed. He would appreciate the cultures I am encountering. It was very moving. I recall as a child how devout I found Mexicans to be and had that spiritual connection again.


Hungry I found cheap eats in a little alley. Chicken taco and quesadillas.  When they are authentic they are so much nicer than what we get at home! I took a break, my siesta time had come but 20 pesos was called consistently for the whole time by a street seller and he was sill at it as I headed out again.

The square was now jam packed. There were more drummers on stage. I was asked about where I got my dress from too! This set up a Spangles conversation! ! At  6 pm the military lowered the humongous fag in the centre of the square with military precision.  It is a huge flag as you will see from photos. Apparently it goes up again at  6 am.  After this I heard more drums and followed the sound to traditional Mayan dancing. Very colorful and fun to watch. Prowling their wares in the market led me to meet Aman, a very nice fellow who spoke to my  about Mayan and azteca cultures.  It was a lovely conversation and I purchased the Mayan symbol for wholeness from him. He made me the necklace and put it on for me. He taught me how to do a traditional Mayan greeting too.  I think this was the highlight of my day.


I found a restaurant for supper and slowly headed to the hotel,  my body declaring enough for today.

More Photos to come when I work out how to transfer from my camera. Hasta Luego