Gather your friends

Being a Gathering Host with Close To My Heart is all about YOU!

Here are 10 reasons why you might like to host a gathering


1. Here is a free workshop we can do. Make a simple tag everyone can take home. iscover how being ‘creative’ is not so scary after all.

2.  We can do lots of different types of gatherings. if you and your friends are scrapbookers we can do a page making gathering with a featured workshop on the go kit for the month and everyone goes home with a completed page. This is both fun and educational as you and your guests get hands on experience, tips and tricks using our product,. The cost for these is $7.50 and if you have 6 guests as the host you will keep the stamp set and the leftovers from the Workshop on the Go kit as well as get your host rewards.

3.  Not into scrapbooking? What about card making? We have kits for those too. We can do hands on cards from a kit and the same deal applies  – the cost is $4 per head and once again you get to keep the stamps set and left over kit contents!

4. Want to try something different? How about an off the page project? There are all kinds of My Creations gift making and fun art work we can do – just chat with me about your options and we will determine the project and the hands on cost. In this and all other hands on classes your guests get to learn to use stamps, touch , feel and use superb paper, experiences the CTMH tool collection and more.

5. . Prefer to simply gather sales from a catalogue? That is EZ with EZ  invites. You can host a gathering online, inviting people to shop directly from the shop online and by collecting orders with friends from a print version,

5. Your rewards are TOTALLY based on sales. There is no pressure on friends and family to book in order for you to benefit from hosting! This is one of the things I love as many party plan reward systems are based on ongoing bookings. While I would love to have more bookings, getting the bookings is not part of what you have to do to get your free spending money and 50% off items.

7. You only need $200 in sales to start being rewarded. Forget $300 or more plus bookings – you are the host and CTMH make it easy for you to benefit from having me come along and share the product with you, Your guests can also be rewarded with a purchase of $75 or more they are entitled to Stamp of the Month!

8. Do you here it is all so expensive? Not so with CTMH. We have stamps from $4. Paper packs form $14. Stamp pads at $8. This won’t be a gathering where everything seems to cost an arm and a leg for your guests, Take a look for yourself in our Product Guide

8. You are special! And because you are special as a host you get to purchase (or even earn for free) a range of stamp sets only hosts can order. Use your host credit to purchase these stamp sets only you can get, You can preview these in the Product Guide.  Flip through the first few pages and there you will see my favourite Washi Wonder stamp set – on;y available to hosts!

9. Have I said you do not need a friend or family member to book a party to get your rewards?

10. You can easily invite those who live nowhere near you to contribute to your gathering sales. We have a fabulous invitation system called EZ Invite. I set you up with an EZ invite for you to email al those you know who may be interest in my products and services and they can order directly online for YOUR gathering and have their orders mailed straight to them, How EZ is that?

If you would like to know more about these contact me to see if I can tailor a gathering to suit you and your friends and BE REWARDED!

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