The Country Road Show – Part1

This is a totally unabashed plug for a fabulous event coming to Mildura. It is the 


Close To My Heart Country Road Show!


We country folk live over 4 hours drive from the nearest capital city (Adelaide) and even more the capital of our own state (Melbourne). Often feel we miss out simply because there are awesome things going on in the cities that we just cannot get to. We may not have the time, the fuel money or family needs may come first, preventing us from attending some wonderful events. This is true of  many major events, but for the scrapbookers, stampers and cardmakers in Sunraysia it is particularly so as we rarely get the opportunity to go to workshop with well known and respected representatives of a company. So


The Sunraysia consultants from Jen’s Creative Hearts Team are very pleased to be hosting Close To My Heart Sr Executive Director Diane Lampert in town on Monday 21st October for a make and take fest!

Consultants Amy Langford, Myself and Diane Lampert at Creative Kickoff in Melbourne. We look forward to Diane Joining us in Mildura for a fabulous creative play session.

Consultants Amy Langford, myself and Diane Lampert at Creative Kickoff in Melbourne. We look forward to Diane joining us in Mildura for a fabulous creative play session.

I have absolutely no idea what she has in store for us but that doesn’t matter – I know it will be good because of all the noise and back chatter about how awesome events have been around other major centres! Everyone who has been to one of these events has great things to say about the product, the projects and the awesome business opportunity that is provided by Close To My Heart here in Australia.

There will be two sessions available for attendees, one at 2 pm and one at 7 pm. The session is $10 and attendees will go home with three make and take projects. In between sessions the venue, Sunraysia Masonic Centre, is available for those who wish to give themselves some ‘me’ time, or ‘play time’ to bring along their current projects and get some of them completed. Dig in for the day along with the consultant in attendance and get some projects done.

If you are from the Sunraysia and mallee region and are excited can you let me know? Pop in a comment below. I would love to have some feedback!

For more details and information complete the form below or jump on over to my Facebook Event page and book your ticket!  I would love to have you come along and join us on this awesome day!

Part 2 of this post will of course be…the report – with lots of photos!