Stack those Yo-yos

Close To My Heart have three beautiful trees on the cover of the Holidays from the Heart shopping guide. You may have seen them. And admired them. If you haven’t seen them yet here is another peek. 1310-cc-holidays-from-the-heart-au_nz

Aren’t they just gorgeous? Naturally all of us in the CTMH family have been waiting for the opportunity to get hold of the paper, put our Cricut machines to good use and make them. So many of us in Australia are now Cricut owners and love it! (Message me if you would like to know the best way to get yours. )Some of us have completed the project and while not as stunning (because they seem to be so even and well spaced!) as those in the photo we have done a pretty good job recreating these trees.

Cut and score

Cut and score

Fold and join

Fold and join

It begins with cutting 22 pieces of paper! You need at least 2 strips to score and fold then stick end to end forming a circle once folded.

By squashing these flat and adhering a circle top and bottom with your trusty hot glue gun you end up with a yo-yo or rosette – a popular embellishment in the paper craft world.  By making these in gradually increasing widths (cricut dial sizes set from 1 inch to 2 1/2 inches you can then stack from large to small making a nice tower. It actually even feels a bit like  pine cone when done! If you want a more frilly look for the larger sizes you would cut 3 strips to push into your yo-yo.

I have a couple of tips for you if you dare to give it a go.

Lots of rosettes all glued to a circle top and bottom

Lots of yoyos all glued to a circle top and bottom

You will need 4 sheets of double sided Sparkle and Shine papers to get enough pieces to create at least 11 rosettes.

  • Scoring can be done with a ruler, stylus or bone folder and a mat if you do not have a fancy scoring board.
  • You can adhere all these with liquid gloss but you need time for this to firm up.
  • You are best to use a HOT GLUE Gun. For speed and ease, it really is the best option. Use a scrap piece of cardboard under your work to spare your table any damage from hot glue. If you have acrylic nails you may like to protect them from damage too.
  • Be careful – hot glue burns, as does the tip of the gun. Have your  spare glues sticks nice and handy ready to refill – you will need quite a few for this project.
  • When gluing pieces end to end be careful not to burn yourself with hot glue when you press pieces together – the glue will come through the holes in the pattern,
  • When making the very top rosette, before gluing the second securing circle, pierce a hole through it and insert a toothpick that will then be fixed in place with the final gluing. You need this to act as a stand to whatever you top your tree with. It can be broken off shorter if need be.
  • When layering each rosette one on top of the other you may find at times it will need a little leveling depending on how even your original rosette has been glued – use hot glue like mortar – adding more to the die that needs leveling up. Keep checking the way it is standing – you do not want to end up with the leaning Tower of Pisa! Have it nicely balanced on a vertical center all the way up. If you are really worried about this pierce all binding circles and slide the whole lot over a bamboo skewer as you build it up n layers. You are using this to keep it straight – The tree is quite sold when done so the skewer is not needed for stability. I did mine without a skewer and I am quite happy with the result. Hand made is not meant to be perfect anyway right?
  • Allow 2 hours for all of the above then you can do the decorating,
  • I used tag shapes for the tree topper – but you could also use a star or a snowflake. Tie a pretty bow, add some round shaped beads or buttons – I found 3 unique buttons in my stash.

Following the example from the flyer, I decorated my tree with snowflakes. I decided to try Mod Podge and I needed to bling it up so a shaker of fine glitter did the trick. A generous helping of Mod Podge painted on the snowflakes, sprinkled with glitter and allowed to dry.

Sparkly snowflakes

Sparkly snowflakes

Greens ones added a nice touch

Juniper ones added a nice touch

I have used baking paper underneath this part of the work for several reasons. First the snowflakes were easy to move around and second, once finished I could pour excess glitter back into the jar as it slides nicely off the baking paper. Finally clean up is easy – scrunch up the paper and bin it. Be sure to wash the brush you used to spread Mod Podge around with really well.  Sard soap is good for cleaning brushes. Mod Podge is readily available in craft stores. I used the Matt finish one.

Once again the best way to glue these on was with hot glue. If you end up with ‘hot glue strings’ don’t worry – many of us do – it is normal! These can be pulled away or melted away with a heat gun.

And there you have it – the lovely tree ready for the Christmas Table! Mine is just sitting on a nice teelight candle holder.

My Completed table tree. If you are local and would like to make one pre-order your Sparkle and Shine paper ready for next workshop.

My Completed table tree. If you are local and would like to make one pre-order your Sparkle and Shine paper ready for next workshop.

Why not plan to get one of these done for your table? Plan ahead by pre-ordering your paper, having it pre-cut and coming to a workshop to get it done! Contact me for more details or check my workshop schedule over at  my Facebook Page. (Workshops are in the Sunraysia Region)


Magical Days Countdown to Christmas Part 1

I was so excited about my Sparkle and Shine goodies from the Holidays from the Heart guide I could not wait to play. I was inspired by the Magical Days stamp set which I got for FREE* with my last purchase. Between the Art booking and Art philosophy Cricut cartridges on my Cricut machine, my Sparkle and Shine paper pack and extra sheets of Ruby, Juniper, Slate and White, I have created a countdown to Christmas Artbook. Currently it is living on my Flip Stand. After Christmas – if I am good 😉 – I will journal and add photos to it and bind it with ribbon as a memento of Christmas 2013. Pages are cut at 6 Inches on the cricut (if that is where they have come from) so the holes line up with the binder rings. Pages in artbooking can tend to be too long for the stand so be prepared for remodeling and consider cutting your own holes. Each page after the first one is inspired by the design on the number stamp.

The Fist of December cover page

The Fist of December cover page

Here is the first page. The page started as one of the circular pages you can pre-cut with Art Booking p54 but it was too long for the stand so I trimmed off the top and used an everyday hole punch to make new holes. The elements on the page are from the following places:

Artbooking- Reindeer p57,

Art Philosophy – Tag p 62 Tree p 31 Stamp set that came with this collection is used to stamp the trees.

If you do not have a Cricut machine and would like to be able to get one for Christmas let me know and I will tell you how! (Australia only)

Title stamp is from the Sparkle and Shine Workshop on the go kit.

I have hand cut the little circles on the top of the trees after stamping the star. I added dimension to the reindeer using a sponge dauber and slate ink. Silver shimmer trim adds the sparkle to this page. the 3D look comes from using Foam Mounting Tape.

I won’t go through every single element on every page here – That would be cumbersome and take forever to get to the eye candy! Are you ready for DEC 2?

Here it is


I added a strip tp the side to get width happening. I have embellished the baubles - check the post to find out how.

I added a strip tp the side to get width happening. I have embellished the baubles – check the post to find out how.

These baubles have been stamped with a nice little shape on the WOTG stamp set. I started in the centre and them added more around and off the edges using Colonial White Ink. White Daisy may be better but I didn’t have any. Then, using slate I daubed the right hand side to add shadow. I final highlight is added with the white chalk marker– I love this pen! I am finding I am using it to add white to all sorts of things!  Bakers twine is used to hang the balls and the page shape with the scalloped edge is an Art booking page. I had to trim the bottom off as it was too long. To make my fancy edge stand out I added the extra paper to the right.

Would you like some more? Yes you do….

Colored Santa window

Colored Santa window

I cut the photo frame and just added it to cardstock cutting the holes myself for this one. The feature here is of course Santa. I imagine by Dec 3 some shopping is entering my life and I am thinking about how I can help make Santa come alive for my Grandson. Santa is on one of the Holidays from the Heart stamp sets – Santa Clause Available for free* or for purchase. I stamped him with Cranberry and coloured him with a range of markers – Ruby, Slate and Creme Brule. I Have a limited range but the light and dark shades in each pen set gave me plenty to work with.

Summer time for us!

Summer time for us!

Christmas for us here down under is HOT! Snowflakes and winter chill do not work in our Christmas decoration except to make us look at a snowy tree image and wish for a cool breeze. I also live many miles from any snow! I was super inspired by the Sun rays in the Art booking cartridge – CTMH have done a great video tutorial on Art Booking and making a summer fun album. I decided to use the sun and cut the word summer to add to my Christmas Art Book – a reminder that Christmas for us also means Summer holidays are on their way! I used some liquid glass to add a bit of shimmer to the sun as well. You can see more about this shape and cutting it in the video below.

The next few pages are completely inspired by the shape and design of the date stamp and the remainder of the book follows the same pattern.

Background stamping, tree cut from the Sparkle and Shine paper, and the trimmed edge of the paper lines the sides

Dec 5 Background stamping, tree cut from the Sparkle and Shine paper, and the trimmed edge of the paper lines the sides

Here I have used the stamp from this months Stap of the month - available for $5 with every $75 purchase.

Dec 6 Here I have used the stamp from this months Stamp of the month – available for $5 with every $75 purchase.


Title is from the Sparkl and Shine WOTG kit. I used the shade and highlight technique on the baubles

Dec 7 Title is from the Sparkle and Shine WOTG kit. I used the shade and highlight technique on the baubles


Another little Santa window using Sparkle and Shine paper for the background.

Dec 8 Another little Santa window using Sparkle and Shine paper for the background.

For this I was really inspired by the concpet of a shoping list from the riled lines on the date stamp.

For this I was really inspired by the concept of a shopping list from the riled lines on the date stamp.

The stamp design was reminiscent of the scandanavian wishe house - SOTM. I used the red paper, also of that design style, and the house from SOTM to create this page.

The stamp design was reminiscent of the Scandinavian Wishes house – SOTM. I used the red paper, also of that design style, and the house from SOTM to create this page.

It will probbly be HOT - we can only hope for the cool of our air conditioners so a little snowflake may help.

It will probably be HOT – we can only hope for the cool of our air conditioners so a little snowflake may help.Note the shape of the page itself is an Art Booking page. 

The date stamp here inspired a bit of patchwork!

The date stamp here inspired a bit of patchwork! The page was another of the art booking pages cut with the art booking cartridge. 


OK – There you have the first 12 pages. I am not quite done yet with the rest of the month. I look forward to completing some of these over this coming weekend and will post the rest of the month soon. I hope my pages here inspire you to give Art booking a try – I am loving it!

If you have questions at all please post a comment and I will try and answer them for you. If you live in or around Sunraysia and want to see this and many more projects, or join in on a Play Day let me know.

All products used in this project are available from my online store to any resident in Australia. Why not head over there now and start shopping?

Your Wish list to make this project:


  • WOTG Sparkle and Shine pack G1071
  • Sparkle and Shine Paper Pack X7176B
  • Magical Days Stamp Set D1552
  • Santa Clause Stamp Set C1567
  • SOTM Scandinavian wishes S1310
  • Silver  Z1799 and Red Z1848 Shimmer trim
  • White Chalk Marker Z1767
  • Inks – Slate Z2173 Cranberry Z2116 Juniper Z2165 Colonial white Z2168 or white daisy Z2163
  • Flip Stand Z1896
  • Artbooking Cricut Collection Z1906
  • Art Philosophy  Cricut Collection Z1686
  • 3D foam Tape Z1151

If you do not have a Cricut machine yet ask me how you can get one at wholesale price just in time for Christmas! 

* The Holidays from the Heart guide has starred items. You are entitled to one FREE starred item with every $130 purchase. Order online and have your goodies sent straight to your door. All orders over $75 are also able to get Stamp Of The Month (SOTM) for just $5. Awesome savings for you! 


Everyone who orders from the above list before the end of October will go into a lucky prize draw!







We Sparkled and Shone!

Wow! How awesome is it to have a Founding Director visit your area to present a workshop! I was really excited to have Diane Lampert come to Mildura and help us launch the Holidays from the Heart products at our Sparkle and Shine event. We had many customers and consultants come along and get inky with trees and baubles and some great artwork was produced. I would like to share with you some photos from the event. I have written about my dream to fill the venue with scrapbookers and card makers and I am so glad to say that on this occasion we did achieve the highest numbers yet!

Holidays from the Heart on show

Note – I was busy running around helping with the event so I only have a few photos and none of me – I hope the photos by others will come through soon and I can add them in here.

Gathering Diane demonstrates gathering cards


As a consultant I learned a lot. Our customers had FUN! Many chose to join the CTMH family taking home the best deal we have. It was a fabulous day! Thank you so much to all customers, consultants and especially Diane for coming to visit us!



As you can see the venue is well lit – it is also air conditioned. We have playdays here every month so if you are local to Mildura be sure to drop me a line and find out more about the next one. Playdays are also available in Wentworth, Merbein and Robinvale. I am happy to come to the Riverland and down to Ouyen too! To keep up to date with events follow my page on Facebook and sign up for my newsletter.  For more ideas using the products in the holidays from the heart guide and the sparkle and shine paper check out my Pinterest Board.   If you would like to know more about the best deal contact me now! I would love to tell you all about it! (Australian residents only)

Next Mildura Playday is October 26th

First Wentworth is November 9th

Next Robinvale is November 16

Next Merbein Nov 17

If you are local why not come along and join in the fun. It is so relaxing to ink it up and get photos and precious memories preserved in albums!

New Product Blog Hop

“Close To My Heart Holidays from the Heart blog hop.”

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog hop post. I am anxious and excited and nervous and I am just dipping my toes in offering you all something simple from the fabulous new range ‘Sparkle and Shine’in the new Holidays from the Heart Guide.

Before we get started, as this blog hop may well be an international affair please note links in this post are for Australian readers – if you wish to make a purchase of any of the products or browse the holiday guide for you please head to your nearest consultant in your country!

My this is awesome! Christmas is awesome and yes even though it is October it is time to start at least creating some cards ready to send out. I do not know about you but the number of Christmas cards I receive each year is declining – rapidly – so getting one is awesome. It is even better when the card has been hand crafted!Sparkle and Shine Card

Sparkle and Shine Christmas Card

Here is what I hope you will think is a nice little design using products by Close To My Heart.  My primary inspiration for the card came from playing with my Cricut machine and my Artbooking cartridge. I am in love with the overlays! This one with Christmas baubles is featured on page 75. I used the Shift image on the overlay key and cut it at 8 inches rather than the 11 that is recommended for full scrapbook pages. It has cut beautifully from Ruby cardstock.

Bauble overlay

Next I decided to add some dimension to this overlay. I will try for a close up image of this. I first used the darker shade of the Barn Red alcohol marker to add some definition lines to the right hand side of the dangling baubles including curves going under.  I then tried to sponge some red but tone on tone wasn’t working for me so I very lightly dabbed the right hand side of each bauble with a little slate ink.  I believe f you shade for dimension you also need to highlight. I have highlighted the baubles with a quick flick of the white chalk marker pen on the left hand side following the curves. Finally I added a little extra shine with a dash of liquid glass. I am sure next year when we have the full range of CTMH products i might use a little something else on this project. If you have access to a little extra sparkly bling to add to these baubles on the overlay go for it!close up overlay

The bauble shape for the sentiment is from Art Philosophy. I cut the shape directly to match the chipboard shape that came in this collection but you can also key the shape in from page 27 and have cricut cut it for you. The sentiment ‘Celebrate the season’comes from the stamp set in the lovely new Sparkle and Shine WOTG kit and was stamped using colonial white pigment ink onto the Ruby cardstock shape. I mounted this with 3D foam tape over the top of a piece of silver shimmer trim.

The card base is 8 1/2 inch x 8 inches, folded in half. At this size it fits nicely in a DL size envelope.  Onto this card I have mounted a piece of Sparkle and Shine B and T duo paper – the red striped side up.


All of these products are available in Australia but of special interest today are the Sparkle and Shine WOTG kit just out for you in the Warm Wishes from the Heart product guide. These seasonal products are available while stocks last and if you place an order for $130 or more, not only will you qualify for this months Scandanavian wishes Stamp of the month, you will also get to pick a starred item from the new product guide for free!  Talk to me or your local consultant today about these products and more!

Shopping list

WOTG pack Sparkle and Shine G1071

Cricut collections Art Booking Z1906 and Art PhilosophyZ1686

Slate exclusive inks stamp padZ2173

Colonial White pigment ink Z2168

Barn Red Alcohol marker set Z2428

Liquid glass Z679

Silver Shimmer Trim Z1799

Glue Pen Z553

Chalk Marker Z1767

3d Foam Tape Z1151

I hope you have enjoyed this project as much as I did making it. May you be inspired to add a little shadow and shine to baubles on your own cards this season!

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Do you give yourself permission to play?

Creativity is not an optionHere are some sound reasons we need to play

  • to learn
  • to create
  • to feel challenged
  • to pass time
  • to calm and focus ourselves
  • for the fun of it
  • for the joy of it

If you need permission to play, I give it to you!

We can all get way too bogged down in our various life roles of work, parenting, caring and not spend enough time to nurture ourselves. So often when I meet people and tell them what I do I get the auto responder ‘ Oh I am not creative’ or ‘I am not clever’, or ‘I do not have time for that’.  However, what I do requires very little genius, very little artistic talent, and very little time. (I could however do it for hours more each day!)

Creative play is one way we can nurture ourselves and is an essential part of our well being. Creative play offers us  some very essential brain food, gives our emotional bucket a top up and enables us to do something that we can feel good about.












Let’s look at this a little more closely.

I recently held a girls night in. My guests were professional women. They teach, they lecture, they research. Their life is all academia when it is not family. Taking some time out for the girl’s night in these women all came with one really important thing. They were open to having a go at whatever I was about to put in front of them. They ended up fully engaged in creative play and had a lovely bit of time out for themselves.


Together we formed a little community – a gathering – of people with a common purpose.

What we did was make cards and chat, then make more cards. Since this had nothing to do with work or family responsibilities it was rejuvenating and fun. At the end the plans were made to gather again on a regular basis and repeat the processes of doing something mind blowingly simple, fun and creative.

They each produced a piece of artwork and that brings forth feelings of ‘look what I did’ that we lost somewhere back in our childhood. They copied from examples on the table and were able to add their own touch too.

For many people, the only time they do tactile activity is when they are doing their housework, or perhaps when they are cooking. In creative play we are stamping and cutting images, sticking down, and even colouring in. This is all hands on and everyone is engaged in the process.the more you use

Creative play inspirational in many ways. The flow of ideas begins as the possibilities are discovered and shared within the group doing the activity. Everyone has a different skill set and if the spirit of sharing is present it is not long before ideas flow like a river.

Steve Jobs

Some like it this way, some like it that, but everyone was making a card! Some have a disused stash of materials that can be used for card making at home already, others are just beginning and have made their first ever hand made card. You can bling it up, tone it down, try something new. That makes creative play with paper, stamp and ink versatile.

To be able to say ‘I did that’ or ‘I made this’ is awesome! We used to do it as children and I ask you to remember how exciting it was to discover we could do something and how we were open to showing others what we did! Now imagine feeling that excitement again. Yes! Feel it! It is possible to tap into those feelings and experience the joy and excitement your artwork once gave you as a child. This is the well being part of creative play therapy!

Creative play in the world of stamping and papercraft is also personal. You might make a thank you card, or create a scrapbook page of a favourite moment. You may even begin an artbook or journal. Either way you will be giving it your personal purpose and style.

way of life

Laughter is the best medicine and I am yet to come across anyone who would disagree with this maxim. Creative play brings laughter. It could simply be what you are chatting about and sharing, laughing at yourself, or even enjoying the company of someone who makes you laugh. Getting together to do something that takes you away from the everyday opens you to the possibility of the good medicine of fun and laughter.

How often do we browse magazines or spend time on Pinterest? Pinterest is a veritable gold mine of ideas you can replicate. But looking at eye candy is not going to bring about the good feelings. That is just desire. Doing is putting it into action. Stop just looking at Pinterest and start replicating those things that have inspired you by actually making them!

Creative play is all about you. What do you need, what would you like to make, who would you like to make it for? How will you benefit? If you engage in creative play you will lift your spirits and rest your brain from the hard stuff of day to day thinking.

inner child

Every time you turn on your creative button in your brain you will find yourself refreshed. It is enjoyable, fun, and you do not need to feel as if you are creative – you need to be creative which means getting the goodies and doing it! It is possible to learn a few basic skills, gather a few essential supplies and let loose with your creativity.

Next time you are invited to a gathering to make cards or create a scrapbook page, consider it as an opportunity to relax and tap into a piece of yourself that far too often is neglected. Check out workshop and gathering schedules in your area or even organise to host a gathering yourself. In the Sunraysia Region we have many play days. To get a schedule join my mailing list, check my Facebook events page, or join a gathering via my website. You can even host your own gathering, even if you do not live near me I can help you have an awesome event of playful fun! Your creative self will appreciate the effort!

Pass it on

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Sparkle and Shine with your gift giving this Christmas

This is the time of year when we should be thinking about anything we plan to give that might be hand made is underway and CTMH have made the simple gift of giving a hand made card or gift box a breeze with this delightful short time only collection available from October 13th.  Come along to our Country Road Show event in Mildura Monday October 21 and not only see the products, create with them! You will take home samples including card, a page and an off the page project!

Remember these products are available from October 13 and available while stocks last.

Imagine one of these trees on your table center at your Christmas function!

Sparkle and shine catalog available soon

Sparkle and shine catalog available soon

Let us show you how!

Mildura, Monday Oct 21. Two sessions 2 pm and 7 pm. Bookings via links below.

Mildura, Monday Oct 21. Two sessions 2 pm and 7 pm. Bookings via links below.

To Book in for this event you can

1. Purchase your ticket online right here Be sure to choose your session.

2. email Jenny nenifoofer@gmail.com for bank or paypal payments

3. Phone Jenny 0400253422

It would be awesome to welcome those of you from around the region too! Why not car pool and come for the day, join us for dinner and scrap as well? All those prebooked will be in a special prize draw!

By the way, when these products go live on October 13 if you purchase $130 worth of product in an order you can get and star item free! Make your wish list up right now!

To make the table center with my help  check your inbox for this months newsletter or follow me on Facebook.

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I have a Crush!

I have a crush on My Crush books by Close To My Heart and every teen and tween who has seen these has been excited too. Mums and daughters are joining forces to work on these together as well which is awesome! I think this would create awesome quality time – even for grandmas 🙂

Take a little peek

I have explored this product in depth at my page on My Crush books. Here I also show examples from the first book I have done which is now full!

Starting very soon I am offering classes right here in Mildura so Crush books can be quickly completed. Imagine having one done as a gift in time for Christmas! If you would like the class schedule and the costs email me and I will give you the details.

If you cannot get to a class but would still like to make a start on a My Crush book, you can order yours online right now at my online store. Just let me know via email if you need any support to get it done. I can give you some ideas and some challenges to help you along the way!