Invitation to create and thrive with me in April 2014!

I can barely contain my excitement!!!

  • Hands up if you love free stuff?
  • Keep your hand up if you love using a Cricut in your scrapbopoking and love CTMH Cricut Collections?
  • Put both hands up and yell ‘me‘ if you do not yet have cricut machine but would LOVE  to be able to start artbooking and making awesome overlays or cute little boxes without spending a fortune!!!

I would love to hear you say that a bit louder…ME!  This post is for you! Close to My Heart has an offer for you that will be hard to refuse and I am looking for team members to support and encourage through April to get you creating and thriving!

Here is the deal. Join in April 2014 and get this awesome bundle of over $400 worth of goodies for just $130 plus $19.50 postage PLUS choose one of these cricut collections for FREE!!!  That means your investment is now worth $530!!!!

Conultant Kit $130 contains $400 worth of product and all you need to get started


You will also get 22% commission, a FREE website just like mine, free training, and one to one support from yours truly. Create and thrive with me! I am learning all there is to know about the business by attending Leaders conference, the Convention in the USA to be the best possible teacher and leader I can be.

So let’s just take a breath for a minute – what is in a cricut collection?  Here is an example.

A cricut bundle such as Artbooking will have you overlay mad, Art Philosophy will see you creating cute cards and motifs and Artiste is the one you need to make jazzy little boxes, cards and more. Just like these ones!


14-ss-hostess-rewards-b1446 cricut-artbooking-page 14-ss-ivy-lane-level-3


















CTMH have a fabulous video series running at present called Artbooking Made Easy. Check it out and see for yourself what you can do with a Cricut collection. Remember…you can choose ONE of the three collections for your  free bundle when you join my team during April!


I would love to hear from you no matter where in Australia you are from. My team is already alive and thriving in three states and we have such fabulous online support networks and a sense of family that you will truly create and thrive no matter what your why for joining the journey with us is

Why Journey?

Becoming a CTMH consultant is the beginning of a fun and exciting Journey of fun, self confidence, and making new freinds. People join CTMH for many reasons. I have covered some of these on the Join My Team page. Whether you are looking for personal discount or wanting to build a satisfying ‘work on your own terms’ home based business, CTMH has something for you and welcomes everyone. I remember when I first started the one thing that caught my attention (other than our business manager appearing on stage as Buzz Lightyear!) was EVERYONE is welcome here. and I would love to welcome you to my team.

Is this a great deal? 

It certainly is. And here is the steak knives bit….it can be an even BETTER deal.   Your outlay of of $130 plus postage gets you an immediate $530 worth of product, a 22% commission, website, free training and access to consultant only products,  and if you are a goal setter, by completing the Straight to the Top program you can get your $130 back! That means your kit becomes free too!!!  What have you got to lose when you get all this product, support and new friendships?

You don’t have a cricut machine for the Cricut Collection ( but I bet you would love one!) 

I have good news here too. Did you know as a CTMH Consultant here in Australia you will have direct access to the importer and have the best buy deal from them to get the machine to go with your free Cricut Collection? Purchainsing a Cricut online can be dicey. This way you have 100% product guarantee. Many of us have enjoyed this service and reaped the rewards in our creativity. Furthermore, because we are consultants we are able to get those other collections at discounted prices! I can show you how to save as much as 50% on some items!

Want to know more? Check out these videos.

They say it can’t hurt to ask right? So I am asking you to complete this form below requesting  a personal contact call about this very special offer. If you join my team and you make it  Straight To The Top I have an extra special reward for you. It’s a wigwam….but worth it. Create and thrive with me!