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Welcome to the Everything ABC’s Blog Hop!

For this hop we will be featuring the letter F. This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their F element will be featured in their post. If you have just hopped onto my blog, please start at the beginning at Linda’s blog ~ Scrappy Therapy. If you came from “Pam Trostle at Pam’s Crafty Creations ” then you’re on the right track!

I’m a Flipping and a Flapping!

I am going to share with you today one of our most popular products and how I have used it to help fit dozens of photos into a double page spread. Flip Flaps come in a range of sizes, are simple and easy to use and solve the problem when you want to put more than four photos on a page. If you wish to skip the description and head straight to the video scroll down!

I had a big celebration last year, my 50th. Needless to say there were many many photos and while I advocate you do not have to scrapbook EVERY photo there were moments form this night I just had to put into the album. I have used flip flaps on a number of pages. I hope you enjoy this visit to my album.

The Big Bash page has 30 photos on it. Yep – 30. At first it has 4 – my siblings, my musician and my grandson. Pull the bottom flip flaps on both these pages and the party starts to be revealed. Lift the top and there is more. I made use of the sides for journalling and when you open them out there are even more photos. The full spread shows the party in full swing!

These two pages are the dabce pages. What you see here is the beginning. They need more decoration. I am waiting on a new stamp with music nots on it do the striking white will all get stamped and will not stand out so much.

What you see here is the beginning.

flip flaps open

So this all took some planning. I got a packet of assorted 12 inch flip flaps. Each of the 6 had to be forward planned with papers, photos and placement of the same into the pockets. All this was done before I stuck flip flaps into place.  I inked, stamped, arranged photos and did the journalling. I put my completed base pages into 12 x 12 memory protectors but left the rest out until the flip flaps were in place.

flip flaps

12 Inch Assortment


To adhere the flip flaps is easy. Simply remove the strip from the adhesive and stick them down. I chose to do this with the base layout flat on the table with the complete pages in the memory protectors. Be careful lining things up. The adhesive is sticky. Carefully adhere the flip flaps to the base memory protector. I did left and right first then top and bottom. Once they were in place I slipped the ready decorated pieces into place. It folds left and right in, bottom up and top down. It doesn’t have to be this way. It depends on how you have planned the decoration for the closed flaps. Mine has a zip strip border.  Not everyone refolds it the way they open it but it works just as well. Note This layout was decorated with the NLA For Always collection.

The next page is titled Oh What a night! On these pages you see me go from freshly made up and excited to decidedly less delicate and all ‘bubbled’ up! I had had a ball but the poise and grace took a beating. I stacked flip flaps on this page. There is a stack of 5 6×4 flip flaps holding 10 photos and one smaller flap holding 2.

6x4 flip flaps

6×4 flip flaps

For these stacks I have adhered the first flap inside the memory protector by making a slit with a craft knife. First piece holes at each end of the slit using a foam mat underneath, then make the cut This will help prevent any tearing of the protector. You can simply stick them on the outside too but I wanted to hide the join.

Here is a video walk through of these pages which is easier than trying to describe them all.

So make sure you have these resources in your stash and tool kit! They are not expensive and really do extend you scrapbook pages. All items are available for ordering now at my online store here.

  • Memory Protector Flip Flaps 12 inch assortment Z1325
  • Memory Protector Flip Flaps 6 x 6 inch Z1726
  • Memory Protector Flip Flaps small assortment Z1747
  • Piercing Tool Kit Z1114
  • ‘Magic’ How to book (covers how to slice protectors and much much more ) 9040

I hope you have enjoyed this post and feel that flip flaps will be an asset for your scrapbooking. See you for letter G!

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  1. Holy flip flaps Jenny!! You rocked them on this fun layout!! I have these but have not used them yet. I mainly use the 4″x6″ ones, but I will say I am truly inspired to use the larger size and rock a double page layout like you did! Thanks for the inspiration!


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