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For this hop we will be featuring the letter E. This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their # element will be featured in their post. If you have just hopped onto my blog, please start at the beginning at Linda’s blog ~ Scrappy Therapy (link: found on signup doc)

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Today I bring you a project which begins with Envelopes and their cards from the CTMH Bulk Colonial White card and envelope pack.

Jubilee envelope mini album

Jubilee envelope mini album

I have used 4 envelopes and cards to make this fun mini album. The idea springs from envelope mini albums posted by Kathy Orta on You Tube, but I have made this slightly differently. I trust you will find these directions adeqaute, but if not by all means head over and watch her video, especially if you have never made a mini album before. This mini album should fit 20 trimmed 6×4 photos – or the equivalent if trimming or using smaller photos. There are a number of pockets you can add more photo and journalling cards to too. I would expect, if you have a go at this, that yours will turn out differently from mine, making each and every mini album and individual work of art because of our choices in paper and embellishment. The best results for a beginner will come from using a coordinated collection.  If you wish to skip right to a video walk through click here.

All of my decoration has been done using the one paper pack, making it easy to ensure everything coordinates nicely. I chose Jubilee simply because it celebrates summer time and because some lucky person will get this as a gift! It would look just as nice with any of the paper packs. Envisage it with Ivy Lane, Ariana, Balloon ride – or use White daisy and try Lollydoodle. Have fun with the decoration using scraps, stamps, complements and assortments. Dig through your stash for pretty laces and florals if using Ivy Lane or Ariana for example. Whatever takes your fancy!

We are going to make this mini book in 2 sections. Each is the same – the second is simply a repeat of the first. If you want a bigger book – add another 2 envelopes and off you go.

Here are the steps.

  • Measure your envelope and your card. Write these down for reference. In this case we have envelopes 4 3/8 inches wide x 5 3/4 tall (sit them vertical at all times) Cards are 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 on each face.
  • Lay two envelopes vertically with flaps up together. Bond the two flaps of envelopes together.
Step 1  join 2 envelopes

Step 1 join 2 envelopes

  • Trim the closed edge on each side a smidge with a craft knife on the metal edge side of your ruler. This will form a pocket your cards will slide into. This is your foundation for everything else.
7-03-2014 10-44-43 PM

The CTMH ruler is perfect for this task.

  • Now we need to make a center pocket. Our card is 4 1/4 wide. We need to add a half inch to each side so cut a  piece of Colonial white card stock at 5 1/4 inches wide. Trim to 10 inches long. Score 1/2 inch in down the length of both sides.  From one end score at 5 3/4 (the height of the envelopes) across the middle. The shorter portion will get folded up , with the short side to the front and form a pocket. You need to make a little dart in the sides where this fold will go – this will help folded flaps sit neatly and reduce bulk.
  • Fold the scored flaps in the side at the small section toward the cente. Flip it over and fold in the long flaps. Use your bone folder for a crisp edge. Turn it back over and secure the front fold(smaller) up onto the long side and secure the fleps. I used double sided tape for this right on the edges.
  • To complete the pocket we need a back. Cut a piece of colonial white card stock 4 3/8 wide x 5 3/4 high. Attach this to the back forming another pocket. Do not be afraid to cut a smidge more off it if needed. Now you should have 2 pockets. (one with no bottom – yet)
  • Attach this pocket section to the envelope flaps. Use secure adhesive such as double sided tape or wet glue such as bonding memories glue. (BMG)
7-03-2014 10-45-05 PM

Now we begin to make the pocket that gets adhered to the envelope flaps

7-03-2014 10-45-30 PM

7-03-2014 10-45-54 PM

Once you have made this pocket attach it to one side of the envelope flaps.

You can now begin decorating all of the page faces.

  • Now we need some of your print pieces cut at a smidge less than 4 3/8 inches  wide x 5 3/4 tall. Just nudge  1/16 to 1/8 of an inch less on your trimmer so they will sit just inside all of the colonial white bases.
  • Cover the left inside envelope taking care not to put any glue where we do not want it in the gap left by the flap. Run tape on the envelope edges top, left, bottom and centre. Use a fine line of bonding memories glue on the inside edge near the middle. Adhere your print paper. Repeat the same for the right side and do all four sides and across the middle of back of the pocket piece.
  • To decorate the pockets we need bits of paper to fit inside – especially the first so tags we put in don’t get caught on the paper when you pull them out. Make sure you cut  piece to fit a bit down into the pocket and cover the flaps. So a smidge less than before – Approx 4 1/8 wide and about 3 inches long for the cover of the top pocket. Measure your bottom piece. I used a scrap that didn’t quite reach the bottom but this isn’t a problem because it gets covered.

I apologise there is no photo of the next step but you will see it in the video.

  • The piece to finish the bottom was cut with the cricut. There are many borders you can use. I used the Cricut Craftroom board. Copied the border. Flippeit, Welded it, stretched it so the whole piece was 3 inches wide. I cit it at 11 inches because I needed two. One for this half and one set aside for the next.You can see this in the video.
  • Score this in the center. Score again left and right of the center by about 1/8th inch. (CTMH ruler grid has 8ths making this easy. Fold at the 1/8 score lines – the little gusset will allow for the widths of the papers here and fit snuggly, Adhere this at the side and bottom on the front to the pocket. Flip it over and adhere to the back. You now have a third pocket to tuck in tags and tickets!
  • Now you need a gusset. This is a 3 inch x 5 3/4 strip. Score at 7/8 and 1 1/8. This is the gusset – allowing room for bulking up your album with tags and photos without straining the spine. CTrim the top and bottom with a slight angle to reduce bulk in the top and bottom. Adhere one side of the gusset to the back of your mini book section being careful to be nice and straight.
7-03-2014 10-46-12 PM

That is it – decorate inside, make tags and then go ahead and make a second one (or a third if you are game – the principles are the same)

  • Congratulations you have finished the first section of your book. Do the sam again with the second one.
  • Join the two books together by adhereing the gusset flap of the second to the back of the first half. You front gusset should still be loose.
  • The cards can now be inserted and decorated as you please. Sometimes I had a theme run over three spaces, other times each panel is diffrent. I also decorated inside cards as well as the flap that shows as a page.
  • Carry on decorating – filling the pockets and making tags. Stamp designs on, add some bling, some string and more.

Once you are ready to put the two (or more) pieces together strong bindings and covers need to be considered. I located great tape, a stiff piece of cardboard (Chipboard in USA language – in Aussie speak this is a timber that requires cutting with a saw!) and a bit of ribbon from my stash.

7-03-2014 10-46-28 PM


  • Now we need to add a closure. In the original video series  the closure is done with chain. I prefer ribbon so that is what I have used. A good bit of BMG or even modge podge will enable you to wrap a length of ribbon right around from font to back. be sure to leave enough length to tie off.
7-03-2014 10-46-46 PM

Use your stash for the closure

  • The cover is now needed. If you have good strong cardboard you can stick dome of this down and decorate with paper. This is a small book and not to weighty. I decided our cardstock would not be enough. I found stiff cardboard. Once this was on I added a strong tape hinge here. I inked Cranberry cardstock with Colonial white for the back cover and got a bit clever with the front (see below)   You can of course go bigger just like a book cover is bigger than its pages if you have the nice stiff cardboard (or chipboard as it is called in the USA) . I also put red on the front as my carefully selected piece is about to be fussy cut with the dovetail flags and ticket being mounted with foam tape. I needed red underneath. At first I tried it as one piece but the book didn’t open well. Two pieces were better.
7-03-2014 10-47-25 PM

I have covered the tape on the spine with a piece of hemp – CTMH burlap ribbon would look just as good

7-03-2014 10-47-03 PM

  • After adhering the cover cardstock and images it is time to decorate the outside – ribbons, bows, washi tape, lace, buttons and charms are all options you can use.
  • Here is a video flip through of my mini book made with Envelopes. It isnt brilliant but will supplement the above instructions.

I hope the video has filled the gaps and if not, I strongly suggest watching some videos on making envelope mini albums. They look fabulous and make a great gift and I really like the size of our CTMH envelopes!

Leave me a link in a comment so I can come and give you some kudos!

Supply List

You will need

  • 4 cards and envelopes and 2 sheets of colonial white card stock.
  • Your selected paper pack (in this case Jubilee) and embellishments
  • Bonding memories glue (BMG)
  • double sided tape if you have it – it really sticks
  • Trimmer, ruler, bone folder, microtip scissors, a craft knife  and versamat.

Close To My Heart Supply List – All Items are available to order online at my store.  Once you are done shopping it will be shipped right to your door.

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