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Y? Why?

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Welcome to the Everything ABC’s Blog Hop!    For this hop we will be featuring the letter Y. This may be the name

of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their # element will be featured in their post.

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Why? What?  When? Where? Wh0?

It is all about the journalling isn’t it? When I am confronted by the task of posting for ‘y’ all I can think of is WHY? Why do we do this thing called scapbooking?

Those of us who scrapbook do so because we believe that while a picture make speak a story of a thousand words, unless we take some time to put those photos down in a scrapbook album AND  journal along with the all important details of the event that took place there is little point in having those photos printed, and even less in just having them sit there in an electronic folder  file and backed up on disks in our electronic devices. Scraboking is not just about getting inky and creative, it has a very strong core purpose.

This is our primary WHY. A photo of great grandma tells us little about who she is and what she did. When I am a great grandma I want my family to be able to how each other bits of my story by sharing my scrapbooks and my crush journals. It is because of this Y we add the 5W’s – who, when, where, what and why. We are story tellers and our why is the beginning of our journalling process. Think about why we took the photo? Why do we want to share it? Why does it matter? When you think about these why questions you will perhaps be like me and running out of room for journalling on a page and have journal cards getting all squished near the end!

BUT there is more to my Why….

I get to PLAY! Do you know how therpeutic it is for a Fifty Year old to play? My scrapbooking is a central part of my relaxation and downtime. I don’t do TV couch potato style. I have to be doing something! Sometimes it is sewing but more often in is scrapbooking, stamping and papercraft. When I am fully engaged in this activity the daily stressors of life nick off and my inner child comes out to play. She does need some nurturing you know!

Not only do I get to play,  I get to form and strengthen new friendships as like mindedness connects us in workshops, conventions, retreats,  playdays and now social media too. I am making new friends regularly. I am always inspired by the work of others. I am encouraged and supported by those same people. A scrappy family therefore adds significantly to my Y. Since becoming a CTMH consultant I am feeling the pleasure of an extended family whose value is beyond measure. CTMH family support, encourage, applaud, reward and cheer me on. How awesome is that!

So for Y, let me share with you today one of the pages that illustrates my Y! This page is journalled! Fair dinkum, it is. Imagine picking up one of these pages 50 years from now…what questions would there be? Where are the answers? Then there is the fun I had making the pages – lots of play!

For Always page inspired by the 'magic' of interactive pages and lots of time to play.

For Always page inspired by the ‘magic’ of interactive pages and lots of time to play.

If you look tot he left there is a cascade of photos on a movable piece – with journalling and another photo hidden away. It took me a bit to work it out but I did it! It is featured on page 44-47 of the fabulous book Magic! I am getting so much out of this $20 gem.  Ok…there is another piece of  journalling.

cascade journalling

hidden photo journal card

As for other techniques on this page you may notice the background stamping. I have used the handwriting square from the stamp set universal backgrounds. I have then overstamped randomly the love doily stamp. All of this was done with slate on Champagne cardstock. (BTW This looks awesome when done with Chocolate on Goldrush!)  The bling adds a nice bit of sprarkle and the ribbon from my sewing room stash adds a final touch. The paper is from For Always WOTG.

So there you have as good as I could manage for a ‘Y’ page at short notice since I joined the ABC blog hop so late and did not plan ahead. Actually, it is nice to be a bit creative with a letter and turn the post into something else completely! Here I was able to use a page I finished about a month ago to illustrate my point of Y 🙂

Close To My Heart Products used in this project – available for ordering online for Australian Readers at my online shop.

Cardstock – Champagne and Black

B and T Duos – For Always  paper packet X7165B or WOTG G1055

Exclusive Inks – Slate

My Acrylix  Stamps  – Love Doily B1418  Universal Backgrounds D1477

Accessories Mini-Medley Accents Rosewood Collection Z1857  Sparkles Clear Flourishes – Small  Z1812

How to Program Book Magic 9040

Thank you for stopping by. Next stop in the little hope is back where it began Linda’s blog ~ Scrappy Therapy

PS…if you are wondering Y I chose to wear purple and a red hat just look up Jenny Joseph and red hat….because I can!